Introduction: How to Make a Mini Snow Globe

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Step 1: Gather the Supplies

What you need:

1. Clear Elmer's Glue or Hot Glue

2. Bubble Container (I don't know what to call it)

3. Paper Towel (optional)

4. A little charm of some sort

5. Glitter (optional)

Step 2: Find a Bubble

Me and my brother love getting stuff out of the little machines that you put your quarter in, twist the handle and something amazing comes out. I don't know what it's called, but I'll call it a bubble thing.

Step 3: Add Glitter (optional)

On the first snow globe I made I added glitter to the ground, as shown in the picture.

Step 4: To Add Glitter

To add glitter you need a piece of ordinary paper. Preferably the color of the glitter you are using. If you are using green glitter, use green paper. I'm just using white paper.

Step 5: Trace the Clear Bubble

Trace the clear part of the bubble so the glitter part will fit inside. Then cut out the circle.

Step 6: Add Glue

Now on the circle you just cut out, add a dot of glue in the center and smear it around with your finger or a tooth pick.

Step 7: Glitter Time

Now that you spread around the glue, sprinkle glitter on it over the piece of paper towel.

Step 8: Dump Glitter

Dump the excess glitter off of the little circle.

Step 9: More Glitter

Add glitter around the edges if needed.

Step 10: Glue to the Base

Turn the base upside down so the open part is facing down. Then glue the circle to the top of the base.
Note: Before you glue it on, make sure the clear bubble part will fit over the glitter circle.

Step 11: Glue the Figure to the Base

Now you are going to glue the figure to the base. Or the glittered circle.

Step 12: Glue on the Top

Now glue the top onto the base. Before you glue it on you could add loose glitter to it so when you shake it, it rains glitter. Then when you are done glueing the top on, and an extra layer of glue around the rim of the clear part so it is secure.

Step 13: Finished

Now admire your awesome mini snow globe.