How to Make a Money Clip in Blender

Introduction: How to Make a Money Clip in Blender

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Hello people. I am going to show you how to make a money clip in blender. If you are new to blender you should read this

Step 1:

Ok let’s get started. When you open blender you start with a cube. We are going to take this cube and resize it. To resize it left click on the cube. Then press the cube on the right side of the screen.

Step 2:

Then scale the boxes this top is .70 Middle is 1.38 bottom is .065. Then you should have on like that. Now press shift a then press mesh and press cube. That will add a cube to the screen. Take this cube and resize it. Left click on it and press the cube button on the right like last time. We are going to do location too. Set the top scale box to 0.70 the middle box to 0.09547 and the bottom box to -0.161.  Set the top location box to 0.00 the middle box to 1.28383 and the bottom box to -0.16534. It should look like this.

Step 3:

Now is where it gets hard. Go to edit mode.

Step 4:

On the left of the screen under add press loop cut and slide. The go over the cube we just resized and it will put a purple line in the middle. Left click then don’t move the mouse just right click

Step 5:

Cut it in to eight sections using the tool.

Step 6:

Pick the boxes on the ends top and press e to extrude. To about the end of the clip. Rotate it down

Step 7:

Then loop cut the sections like this. Look at the front. We are going to loop cut it long ways four times. Just like this. Shift right click on the all of the faces in the two little lines.

Step 8:

It should look like this. Without un highlighting left click on the ball that is cut into four sections. Now we color it! Still don’t un highlight the line. I made my base color a green. Now for the line press the + button where it says material. It should add a new color ball then you press assign, now the line should turn a different color. I made mine a blue color. I colored the clip on the bottom gray. Now how to right money on it! Press shift a then press text.  Rotate it on the z axis -90 degrease. Then set the location to this top box is .29009 middle is 1.39798 bottom is 0.06859. that should put it right in the money clip.

Step 9: Done

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