Introduction: How to Make a Money Clip From a Saw Blade

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Step 1:

You need a 9inch band saw blade.(A metal cutting blade that's dull works great) you then need to cut a 9inch long piece of it

Step 2:

You then need to take a propane or mapp gas torch. Then you need to take needle nose pliers and go about a 1/4inch down from one end and bend it over.

Step 3:

You then need to go about an inch and a half up from the end of that and bend it

Step 4:

You then go an inch and a half from the 1/4inch bend and bend the clip the other way

Step 5:

You need to measure out an inch and a half down and cut off the excess. Then measure a mark a 1/4 ich from the cut, then bend.

Step 6:

The last step is to temper it, get the whol thing red hot and then let it air cool. Then take a belt sander and grind off the teeth that are on the one side

Step 7:

And it's done! Feel free to follow and/or comment.

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