How to Make a Monkey Fist

Introduction: How to Make a Monkey Fist

Step 1: Finding the Supplies

1 marble
About 5 feet of paracord
A knife
a lighter

Step 2: Wrapping

First wrap the paracord around your index and middle finger.Wrap it around 4 to 5 times. Be sure to leave a gap for the marble.

Step 3: Side to Side Wrap

With the longer end wrap the paracord around and around the up and down wrap. You should wrap it around the same amount of times you did the other wrap.

Step 4: Putting in the Marble

Put in the marble in the gap between the paracord

Step 5: Through and Out Wrap

Take the paracord and go through the up and down wrap. Go under and over the marble the same amount of times.

Step 6: Pulling

Take your fingers out of the loops. Keep pulling the loops to make there be no loops. Pull the order you have weaved it.

Step 7: Cut and Light

Cut the bigger end of rope to make it about the same size. Light both of the ends so it changes form. Merge them together so it changes to the same forms together. CAUTION CAN GET VERY HOT. I'm not responsible for any injury.

Step 8: You Are Done


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    8 years ago

    What can u do ?

    Michael Danzi
    Michael Danzi

    8 years ago

    Anything you want @wilgubeast


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That's a good-looking monkey fist. What do you do with a completed monkey fist? Zipper pull?