Introduction: How to Make a Mortal Instruments Rune Necklace With Cord

Are you wanting to be a Shadowhunter?! We'll now you can have your own rune necklace! It may even be functional in helping you hang those demons for good!

Using paracord not only looks cool, but it may help in a survival situation!

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Step 1: Gather Materials!

You will need about 25' of cord. 550 paracord would be ideal, otherwise the cheap $3.00 poly cord from Wall-mart will work fine too.

A keyring.

Something to measure with.

A pair scissors or a knife. *A Seraph Blade would be awesome, if you have one! :)*

A sharp pointy object, a pen would work perfectly! *Don't let Simon get close to these...*

Some time and angelic power! [It may be difficult to start with, but it will get easier.]

Step 2: Starting With the Necklace- Measuring

First decide how big you want your necklace...

Wrap a piece of string or cord around your neck, and measure the length of that section.

Take the number of inches and multiply it by 4.5. According to another instructable, 1 inch of necklace is about 4.5 inches; it turned out to be a bit big, but better big than too short.

Number of inches you measured * 4.5 = The length of cord you need to cut. (Cut 2 of these.)

Now you should have two lengths of cord the same length cut.

Oh.... and if you don't have a spool of cord left, you won't be able to complete the project...

*Stupid Mundanes*

Step 3: Starting With the Necklace- Braiding Start!

Take the middle of both pieces and cross them.

*Look out! Simon's about to stab you with that pen! See? I told you to keep him away from them!*

Fold the top over, then bring it around.

Step 4: Starting With the Necklace- Braiding Process!

Take your cord and cross the left and right sides, after that cross top and bottom...

Repeat this process until you reached your desired size. And keep tension or it will fall apart!

*Don't forget to watch Simon!*

Step 5: Starting With the Necklace- Finishing It!

The take each side's cords and make a loop at the end. (There is no pics for the above step, as my leftover pieces are not long enough to show. I will just show the end result off my necklace.) Cut the excess.

Take the start and then open it using the pen that Simon stole from you...

Place the end into the start opening, and then tighten the start opening.

Congrats, you just completed the necklace.

Step 6: The Angelic Rune!

Cut 2 Five foot pieces of cord. *Get your cutting tool back from Simon!

Open a new tab and go to this link...


Step 7: Now for the Finish!- Connecting the Two!

Follow the picture... and it will be completed.

Congratulations! You are finished, Shadowhunter!