How to Make a Music Player




Introduction: How to Make a Music Player

This is a tutorial on how to make a music player. It is so easy that a brick could do it! The audio jack worked without a amplifier on a speaker system in the house. You can put a amplifier but turning your i pod up all the way makes it pretty loud. You will need only 3 parts which is cool.

Step 1: The Audio Jack

Don't be worried because there is three wire pickups or whatever but the longer wire connecter is GND and then you pick which one like GND and your choosing the shortest one it works but to use all of them you need to do 2 speakers (stereo) so that was just a heads up on that

Step 2: Parts

A speaker of any kind use a small one so you don't have to amplify it.

Audio jack

2 wires that are small so getting confused of which wire to use

That's all the parts they have all of these at radioshack

Step 3: Wiring It to the Speaker

All you do is strip the wires and solder or twist the wires on the speaker

Step 4: Ending

You might want to take off your phone case so the jack would fit so please comment and like and show me what you made if you want bye

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    7 years ago

    You could jumper the tip and ring of the 3.5mm TRS jack for both left and right channels of audio from one speaker if your audio player is unable to sum to mono.