How to Make a Naruto Kunai Knife

Introduction: How to Make a Naruto Kunai Knife

Naruto's kunai's

Step 1: What You Need

Is paper and Scissors and a piece of red lind and some tape (black) but i cannot found a black one so i do it with grey and glue

Step 2: Folding

The first thing you do is you fold your paper in half and if you've done that then you fold other side of the paper as the picture. Then cut it out in four pieces. And then take just two of the pieces en fold it jus like the pictures

Step 3: Taping

Then you have something like this and then set the two pieces together and tape it

Step 4: Handle and Ring

Then make the handle
1. Cut a piece out of the knife
2. Do the pencil in the knife
3. fold this like the pictue and tape it
4. Tape the handle like this
5. Make the key ring
6. Tape it to the handle
7. Then glue the red lind on the handle

And then your done!!!!!!
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