Introduction: How to Make a Ninja Star

Super easy origami!

Step 1: Materials

1.1 sheet of notebook paper or printing paper
2. Scissors

Step 2: Fold Your Paper and Cut in 1/2

Step 3: Tak One of Your Halves and Fold in Half Hotdog Style

Then do it again to the same piece

Step 4: Fold That One in Half Hamburger Style

Step 5: Now Fold the Lef Side Like This

Step 6: Now This.... Then Flip

Step 7: Before We Move On...

Do the same exact steps to the other half of paper

Step 8: Now...

Fold like this

Step 9: Do This

Step 10: Here Comes the Tricky Part...

Put one of the....things... Horizantal over top of the other one but make sure the other on is vertical

Step 11: Foldin' Yall, Foldin'

Fold the horizantals right point then fold vertical top piece over that then fold the horizantals left piece over that tuck the leftover piece into the horizantals right hole.... Akward... ANYWAYS there you go!

Step 12: Finshed!

I hope yall enjoyed this tut on how to make a ninja star! See ya!