Introduction: How to Make a Nintendo DS/3DS Thumb Stylus

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This Instructable will explain how to create a thumb stylus for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Everyone knows that playing games like Kid Icarus: Uprising with a regular stylus is a ridiculous control scheme so I decided to design a more ergonomic way to play games that require touch screen and button control.

Step 1: The Supplies Needed

First, you will need:
  • Twist Tie Wrap
  • A Thumb :)
  • Scissors(optional)

Step 2: Tying the Twist Tie Wrap

In the first picture, it shows how you are supposed to bend the Twist Tie Wrap at first. The second picture shows how you should be able to size the Twist Tie Wrap to the size of your thumb. The third picture shows how you are supposed to twist the Twist Tie Wrap :) Try not to make the twist too tight or you will cut off blood flow from your thumb. And that is also where the scissors come in. You can cut the extra part on the top to make it more uniform but I would leave it on to determine which way to put it on. The fourth picture shows the hump that you should make. This is the part that touches the screen.

Step 3: And That's It!

Well, that is it! Now, you can use the thumb stylus for games and navigation on your DS/3DS!