Introduction: How to Make a Origami Frog

Step 1: Paper

Get a piece of paper any size big or small doesn't matter but it must be a rectangle.

Step 2: Folding Part 1/12

Fold it in this shape

Step 3: Folding Part 2/12

Unfold it and if it has the indent still your good but if it doesn't have a indent from folding it fold it like step 2 again

Step 4: Folding Part 3/12

Fold it again the other way like this

Step 5: Folding Part 4/12

Unfold like in Step 3

Step 6: Folding Part 5/12

Now you should have a cross like step 5
Push in the sides of the cross like this

Step 7: Folding Part 6/12

Now push it down and you should have this

Step 8: Folding Part 7/12

Now fold like this

Step 9: Folding Part 8/12

Do the same with the other side

Step 10: Folding Part 9/12

Now you should have this

Step 11: Folding Part 10/12

Now fold the bottom sides like in this photo

Step 12: Folding Part 11/12

Now fold the bottom sides up like this

Step 13: Folding Part 12/12

Fold the bottom sides again this time like this

Step 14: Now Flip It Over

Flip over your creation and you should have this