Introduction: How to Make a Paper Airplane

How to make the perfect paper airplane when your bored in class!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a piece of paper and your hands!

Step 2: Fold Top Right Corner

Take the top right corner and fold into the middle of the paper.

Step 3: Fold Top Left Corner

After folding the top right corner, now you must fold the top left corner exactly like you folded the right side. After folding the left corner, both should be symmetrical to each other.

Step 4: Frame

Once the top left and right corners are folded, now you mist fold the whole paper in half to create the frame of the plane. If you do not do this step the plane will not fly correctly. Fold the paper in half longs ways or "hotdog" style.

Step 5: Wing

After the frame is complete, the wings is the next step. Take half of one side of the paper and fold in over itself. When folding, make sure that the wing is longer than the frame or the plane will not fly correctly.

Step 6: Wing Pt.2

Flip the paper over and fold exactly as the opposite side. If the planes are not symmetrical to each other then the whole flight of the plane will be ruined.

Step 7: Wing Liners

Now once the wings are made and symmetrical, the wings liners are the next step. The wing liners will help the plane glide and catch wind so that it will fly longer and further. Fold the wing completely in half so that in lines up. Then just press and seal so that there is a permanent lining in the paper once folded.

Step 8: Wing Liner Pt.2

Do the exact same to the opposite side so that they are symmetrical.

Step 9: Plane Is Done!

Now that your plane is done, its time to test it out!

Step 10: Thank You

Thank you for trying my paper airplane design and I hope that it worked out well.