How to Make a Paper Heart



Introduction: How to Make a Paper Heart

You will need a piece of paper and your hands.

Step 1:

First you will take the corner of the paper and fold it to the right. You will unfold the paper and do the same to the opposite corner.

Step 2:

You will then fold the paper inwards along the crease and flatten it out.

Step 3:

You then get the right flap of what is now a triangle and fold it upwards and you do the same for the opposite side.

Step 4:

Now you fold the bottom rectangle upwards

Step 5:

You now have two sides sticking out. You will fold both of those in.

Step 6:

You flip the paper over and fold both bottom corners up.

Step 7:

Now you fold the top flap down and tuck the corners of the bottom flaps into the top flap.

Step 8:

You then get the two flaps that are leftover and fold them diagonally to form the heart and tuck those sides in as well and how you have a paper heart!

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