Introduction: How to Make a Para Cord Keychain

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Today, I'll teach you how to make a para cord keychain (1 color). 2 color coming soon

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need paracord, a lighter, a knife or scissors, and a cutting board( optional)

Step 2: Select Your Color of Paracord

It's your choice of color, dark or bright.

Step 3: Measure Out Your Paracord

Normally 1' of paracord will make 1" of keychain. So use anywhere between 3'- 5' I will be using 4'

Step 4: Cut Your Paracord

Using you knife or scissors.

Step 5: Wick Your Ends

Using your lighter, melt the ends, and pinch them with your fingers.

Step 6: Fold the Cord in Half

Then simply follow the pictures, making the knot, and pulling it tight.

Step 7: Tie the Same Knot

Tie the same knot over and over again using opposite sides.

Step 8: Cut Off Your Ends

Cut off your ends and wick them, smudging the ends to the keychain so it looks neat.

Step 9: And Voila!

You now have a cool paracord keychain :)

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