How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar




Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar

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This will show you how to make a paracord dog collar (Example 16 inches) the tan one is what I want it to look like.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need
About 38 feet of Paracord
A D ring
A paracord dog buckle(you can get it at hobbylobby)
A lighter
A knife or scissors

Step 2: Starting

Cut 16 feet off of your rope. Then get your 16 feet of rope and burn the edges with you lighter. After that put the rope in like you would when you're making a bracelet. Every inch that you want it is about a foot of Paracord. Then slide the D ring on.

Step 3: Putting on the Other Buckle

Put on the other buckle just like you would on a bracelet put it is far around the circumference of your dog with a little extra space.

Step 4: Start the Braid

Start with the regular bracelet braid. Then you'll have to use the other 14 feet to do a king cobra braid.

Step 5: D Ring

Put the D ring in about 7 braids in. Then do a braid around it like the pictures above. It will look weird but the king cobra braid will cover that up. Go to the other side like a Bracele.

Step 6: Finishing the First Layer

Now you're done with the first layer burn I just like you would on a regular bracelet after you cut it.

Step 7: KingCobra Layer

Now find the middle of your other 18 feet of para cord and follow the instructions in the pictures

Step 8: Going Around the D Ring

Now follow the instructions in the pictures on going around the D ring with the king cobra layer. This might not look very good but it holds the D-ring in place.

Step 9: Finishing

Now you reach the end of the weaving. Now you just need to put the rope into the buckle to make it extra secure.

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    9 years ago

    I've been wanting to try this. Thank you so much for the inspiration.