Introduction: How to Make a Pc Cooling Fan Box for Almost Free

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I m going to show you how to make a pc fan box for almost free with easy to find stuff

Step 1: Find All the Parts

What you need

3 or 4 pc cooling fans

BOX large enough to have 2 of fans side by side with a 1/2 inch in between

Extra wire. 3 red 3 black

Unknown yellow cap for wires don't know what to call them I found them lying around

Wire strippers or pliers

9v batteries or a usb cord

Utility knife


16 screws that fit in the fans holes in every corner

tin foil / aluminum foil

On off switch optional item

9 v battery clip

Hot glue gun

Step 2: Inserting the Fans

I chose to use 3 fans so I'll be showing that but I'm sure you'll figure out the 4 fan setup pretty easily

First put two fans on the side of the box that you want to be the front and in the holes in each corner stab a screwdriver threw it and the box to hold the fan down and make spots for screws

Now don't take the screwdrivers out but using
Another screw driver poke holes on the inside of the fan in the box after this step you may now take out the screw divers and do this to the other fan it should look like photo number 4

Now use the utility knife to cut out the circles that we have made by stabbing the cardboard through the inside of the fan

Then on the other side of the box do this again
If you used 3 fans center the fan in the middle of the box and repeat the previous 3 steps

Once you're done with that take a piece of tin foil and line the inside of the box with it shiny side up were using it as a insulator and try to make it water tite it just needs to someway keep water from getting at the box I used a hot glue gun to do it
Now if you covered up the holes with the tin foiltake your utility knife and cut out the holes in the tin foil

Now take the two fans your using on the front of the box and make sure you have them with the logo facing up and then insert them on the inside of the box and screw them Into place

For the back side you want the logo facing down so it blows air into the box

Yay done with this long step

Step 3: Connecting the Electronics

Connect the extra wires to each fan and run the wires along the top of the box out one corner and tie all the red wires together and the black wires together.

Then take the switch and the 9 v battery clip and connect them together and then connect it to the fans extra wires and then cover the ends with the little yellow cap things

Now connect the 9 v battery to the clip and test it if it works if it does move on the the next step if not reread you did something wrong

Step 4: Done ??!!

Now you have to think how to put the switch on the box or in it and we're to put the 9 v battery clip ill provide photos don't worry


SOOOOOO. Sorry if my instructions were not very clear this is my third instructable
please say what I can do better or not do or how to make my instructions clearer
And anything that can make my future instructables better

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