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Introduction: How to Make a Pillow Case

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Why buy a pillow/pillow case when you can make one yourself! Its fun to do and is great to do if its rainy outside or just bored over the weekend. This project takes about 1 to 2 hours to make and is fun to do! You will enjoy the pillow that you made yourself. :)

Step 1: What You'll Need

- A sewing machine and a needle - Thread, either white or what ever matches your fabric - Fabric (I used a soft minky-like fabric) - A pillow or stuffing - Scissors and/or a rotary cutter -Pins - A ruler (mines a 3" x 18" with a half inch seam allowance on the sides) and/or a tape measure - Something to to write on the fabric with (such as chalk or a pen) - Velcro (optional)

Step 2: A Pattern

Begin by either measuring your pillow (mines 16" x 16") or making up your own measurements.

Step 3: Trace Your Pattern

Trace the pattern on your fabric, don't forget to leave a seam allowance on the sides. Also if you want to add Velcro leave a little extra fabric at the opening of your pillow this way you can hem the ends. I left about 2 3/4". --------------IMPORTANT-------------- Make sure that if you are using a fabric with a pattern on one side make sure the patterns are facing each other!

Step 4: Pin the Pieces Together

Pin the two pieces together, this will help make sure the pieces don't move when sewing.

Step 5: Sewing

You can sew this by hand but it might take awhile, it's much easier by machine. I put my machine on a straight stitch. Make sure you have plenty of thread on the bobbin. A line the needle withe the corner of the pattern. Don't rush when sewing this you don't want to mess up somewhere. Make sure to hold the fabric in place. When you get to the corner leave the needle in the fabric and lift the foot and turn the fabric. When you get to the end if the next side turn the fabric one last time. Make sure to a line the needle and pattern line. When you get to the last corner of the fabric lift she foot and needle out of the fabric and cut off a decent amount of thread so you are able to tie and knot the fabric. Make sure you leave a opened side.

Step 6: Knotting

Remove all the pins. Take a needle and thread the needle and bring the thread to the other side and tie a couple of knots. Do the same on the other side. Weave the thread through the stitches, be careful not to break the stitches or thread.

Step 7: Trimming

Cut off the extra unneeded fabric, leave about 1/2" of fabric on the edges.You can either use your rotary cutter of scissors.

Step 8: Checking the Fit

Flip you pillow case inside out and put your pillow on it.

Step 9: Hemming

Take the pillow out and flip it inside out again. Fold the extra fabric so it looks like the second picture above. From the fold sew about 1/2" with a straight stitch. Start from the middle of the side (I'm using my green pillow case as an example because I'm sewing the other pillow case closed.)

Step 10: Adding Velcro

Find the place where you would like to place the Velcro. (NOTE: When sewing on the Velcro make sure you don't sewing together the opening)

Step 11: Sewing the Pillow Case Closed

Skip this step if you added Velcro Put the pillow case or stuff the pillow with stuffing until its at your liking then fold the extra fabric inwards till its as close to the pillow or stuffing and pin it closed. Get a needle and some thread, an thread your needle, tie a knot at the end of the thread. Pull the thread trough the inside of the pillow and out the outside of he pillow. Sew a ladder stitch to close up the pillow, this part may take about 30 mins when you get to the end of the opening tie a knot and hide the thread or cut it. It low enough not to be seen.

Step 12: Finished

Now your pillow is finished! Enjoy using a pillow that you made yourself :) Please leave a comment if you liked this or made one yourself ;D

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