Introduction: How to Make a Pretty NeoCube Vase

Step 1: String Out the Magnet

First you want to string out the magnet

Step 2: Making the Hexagon

Look closely

Step 3: Rolling the 9 Magnet Circle

Next roll the circle until the shape looks like this Then detach it from the rest of the magnets Do this until your whole string of magnets runs out

Step 4:

Arrange them like so, a 3 by 4 setup ... You should have 12 hexagons

Step 5: Attaching

Attach the 3 hexagons together in a straight line and do that with all the columns

Step 6: Attaching Pt. 2

Then attach the columns like the picture

Step 7: A Bit Tricky...

Now look closely at the next pictures this part is tricky

Step 8:

Now attach the magnets like the picture It may look hard but it isn't really

Step 9: Fold

Now fold the creation in half without the insides touching it should look like the photo

Step 10: Last Step

Now fold the top hexagons of the vase and fold like the picture Fold them inside

Step 11: Done!!!

Yay you're done! Hope your glad with your vase
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