Introduction: How to Make a Prop Thor Hammer

So welcome to my tutorial on how to make a prop Thor hammer! :) This prop I made of foam and PVC pipe. The whole project is kinda expensive it just depends how much materials you have laying around. Oh and sorry for the bad quality on some of my pics I'm using an IPod camera so you know, anyway hope you enjoy this and constructive criticism is always welcome.

Step 1: Things That You Will Need

1. A large foam mat that you can get at Lowe's
2. About four black craft foam sheets
3. A good length of pleather
4. About a 20 inch length piece of PVC pipe
5. Lots of hot glue as tradition
6. Black and silver paint
7. Optional clear coat spray paint to make it shinnyer
8. And electrical tape

The tools that you will need are as follows:
1. Dremal
2. Hot glue gun
3. Exacto knife

Step 2: Making and Putting Together the Pieces

Ok so this step is a little hard because I had to eyeball this thing to get it to the right size. So it's about 8 1/2 inches long by 5 1/4 inches wide is what mine is. Than after you make a paper template that fits your dimensions you want to trace that four times onto your thick foam and cut it out with a knife. Than get your PVC pipe and cut that down to the right length. Mine is 20 inches long. Than you want to make an X with a straight edge and push the PVC pipe down in roughly the center, than cut that circle out ( I ended up using a pair of scissors like a jig saw ) than push your PVC pipe through to the point there the side pieces would be able to stand up with about a extra 1/4 inch PVC than glue well, do that to the other side as well. U also might want to add support pieces.

Step 3: Making and Putting Together the Pieces Part 2

Ok so here we will be adding the top and sides. So you want to start by doing the same X thing to the top piece and cutting it out. Than glue it on well. So now you need mo make the side pieces, and I can't really help you on this only it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 4: Sides Still

So the sides are kinda important so you want to get these right. So you want to take your Dremal and make the three pieces that you cut a angle, and you want to do this to both sides. Than you want to use your Dremal and make the center top portion at a angle also but not the bottom. Than you want to get your craft foam and make custom piece for the sides, and the reason I say custom is because if your like me than each side is different. Than after you've done that eight times ( four for both sides ) than you want to make a X shape that is supper hard to make. Basically what you want to make is a square piece in the center than little pieces that cover the edges. And this will also have to be custom. Know you need to make two squares that go in the center of your hammer out of craft foam and glue it down well.

Step 5: Handle and Details

So now you want to make he top circle piece out of the thick foam it should be about three inches wide. Than I use the end of my Dremal sanding wheel piece to make a slight hole that doesn't go all the way through. Than glue it on the the end of the PVC pipe you may also have to trim it. Now for the handle you want to wrap electrical tape all the around the handle part of the PVC than take a random piece of the thick foam an wrap it around the end of the PVC pipe / pleather. Now we're guna make the designs on the sides of the hammer using the gift from God aka hot glue. And it's really simple really just sorta make a half a hexagon sorta shape just be creative and do this to all the sides. Now we're guna take a sharp object and on the top circle make the designs. I will include the reference photo. I also did that design.

Step 6: Handle Details

Good news after this all that's left is painting!
Ok so the first thing that you Is make this shape out of the thick foam. Than cut in half I I score lines on the insides of the pieces to help them bend. Now you need to make the strap, and this is done by cutting a piece of craft foam the right length than cut two pieces of pleather a little but wider than sandwich the craft foam between the two pieces of pleather. Than you want to glue that to ether side of the handle than wrap in well in electrical tape.

Step 7: Painting

So the first thing you want to do is paint the whole thing black. Than you want to dry brush every thing silver except the handle. ( here's a option accessory you can do, basically you want to cu thin strips of craft foam than glue it on to the handle, about a inch to inch and a half apart than paint them silver. )

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