Introduction: How to Make a Proper Book

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How To Make A Proper Book! With GracieDoodle.

Step 1: Proper Grammar Is Very Important!

Listen closely fellows! With out proper grammar, books would look like this:

it was monday and i just got back from anothar stoopid exame at the libary. i hate teecherz.

Okay I guess I was exaggerating a bit there, but some people do write like that.

Step 2: I Suggest That You Use Microsoft Word!

Okay, this doesn't have to be Microsoft Word but it would be important if you used it, but if your writing by hand, then listen to the next step.

Step 3: Writing by Hand

So you need to write by hand do you? Well listen here. I have some helpful steps.

1: Get a blank stack of paper.

2: Get a pencil (Works the best, if you make a mistake it will be useful to have an eraser at hand)

3: Start writing.

4. This is one of the most important steps! Good handwriting sure does pay off, you'll get lots of compliments if you take your time.

Step 4: Last Step!

This is the last step! You almost know how to write a book but first, you need to understand about writing a good book. You should take your time, think of a good title, write about fiction, non-fiction and more. I love to write about fantasy and romance, and you just follow what your brain wants to do.

Truly yours, GracieDoodle. <3