Introduction: How to Make a Rip Picture

I'm going to make a giraffe all you need is glue and colored paper and writing tool I'm going to use a crayon. I used the colors purple black and yellow.

Step 1: Outline

Draw a giraffe on the purple paper the outline will just be guidelines.

Step 2: Start Ripping

Take the yellow paper and the glue. Glue all over the giraffe. Rip up pieces of yellow paper and stick it on the glue. Cover the whole giraffe.

Step 3: Add Spots

Add a spot of glue all around the giraffe to mark places with spots. Them rip up a few pieces of black paper and put them on the glue spots make sure to to add an eye.

Step 4: Done

Now you can add a back round or just leave it blank now hang it on a wall or give it to a friend let it dry first.