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Introduction: How to Make a Rock Sling

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This instructable will teach you how to make one of the oldest weapons mankind has ever used, the rock sling. Think of it as a swing set with a rock in the seat. To use it, you simply swing it around and around and then let go of one of the cords. Now watch as your rock goes flying off into the distance.

Step 1: Suplies

what you will need:
1: Twine (or any kind of thin cord)
2: rectangular piece of leather or cloth
3: a knife

Step 2: Cutting the Cord

Cut a length of cord about as long as your arm (from the top of your shoulder to the tip of your middle finger)

Step 3: Cut the Second Cord

Cut another piece of cord that is the exact same length as the first.

Step 4: Cut Your Leather or Cloth

Cut the leather or cloth so that it is evenly rectangular.

Step 5: Cut Holes Into Leather or Cloth

Cut two small holes in both the left middle and right middle of the cloth. Make sure not to cut them too close to the edge of the leather, as it could rip the leather.

Step 6: Run Cords Through Holes

Run one cord through one of the holes and the other cord through the other hole

Step 7: Tie Knots to the Leather

Tie about four knots per cord to the leather piece, so that the cords are firmly attached to the leather. Make sure to tie the knots as firmly as possible (You DONT want these coming loose).

Step 8: Have Fun With Your New Rock Sling

Congratulations! you've now created a Goliath slaying device. Remember to always be careful with your sling as this is a dangerous weapon, and should be treated as such. I am not responsible for any accidents resulting from this instructable. :)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I suggest making two holes in each side to create a more secure pouch for your projectile. This makes it less likely that it will fall out as you swing it and give you more control during release as a result.