Introduction: How to Make a Pump Action Salt Shotgun

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a pump action salt gun. Go to this link to see it in action. Go to this link to see the second video.

Step 1: Safety 1st

Disclaimer. There are a few safety precautions to take when doing this experiment. I do not take responsibility for any injuries caused when doing this project. Use common sense.

Step 2: Things You Will Need

1. Bicycle pump(floor or pedal with a gauge). You can use the type where you use the foot or the type I used.
2. Pesticide hose piece with valve. This is for discharging the air rapidly.
3. A small piece of hosing. This is for connect the pesticide hose to the pump hose.
4. A big straw. This is for the end of the pesticide hose piece.
5. Zip ties. This is for keeping things together.
6. Salt, beans that can fit in a straw and nails,too.
7. You can add a laser if you want to.
8. Duct tape.
9. Multi-tool.(optional)

Step 3: Time to Build!

If you want to make a salt shotgun like mine take the floor pump and unscrew the part that goes on the floor. You will have to remove a few parts while you do this and I recommend that you take pictures. If you have a pedal pump then just leave it alone. After you have taken the part that is in the way off take the pump hose and remove the thing at the end of the hose, whatever is is called. What is that thing called, anyway? Connect the two hoses with the smaller piece of hose by putting it inside both hoses, thus sealing the hose as a whole. Duct tape it to protect it from being damaged. Connect the straw to the end of the pesticide hose piece. Duct tape it(duct tape is holy to the average DIY!). Oh and also, if when you pump the pump there are leaks then use zip ties to hold it that particular part in place. You're almost done!

Step 4: Duck Tape.

Duct tape then zip tie the hose and pesticide valve to the pump body as indicated above. Add the big straw to the end. You're done! Please send any modification to the comments. Thank you.

There are videos of this in action either below or in the next steps.

Step 5: Test 1.

Test 1 is in the video. It's awesome, you gotta believe me. Go to this link to watch.l

Step 6: Test 2.

This is the second test .

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