Introduction: How to Make a Simple Mallet

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Its always useful to have a mallet around, for many different reasons. I didnt have a simple small one, so i decided to make my own.

Step 1: What You Need

You Need:
-Something to use as a mallet head (Either a large Dowel or a block of hardwood)
-A smaller Dowel to use as a mallet shaft
-A saw
-A ruler
-A drill or drill press(Much better to have a drill press)
-A drill bit of the same diamiter as the dowel you ar going to use as your shaft
-(Optional) Canola oil or olive oil for finishing the mallet

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

First you need to measure the wood you are going to cut.
1.Measure 11 inches of the dowel you are going to use as a shaft, and make a mark.
2. Measure 3 inches of the bigger dowel that you are going to use as a mallet head.
3.Cut off the pieces you measured

Step 3: Drilling and Sanding

1.Get the dowel you cut to use as the head. Put it on the stand for the drill press and line it up so it will drill through the center. You could measure it, but i chose not to. Then drill through the peice.
2.Sand all of the edges and the hole of the pieces of wood, so it looks nice.

Step 4: Putting It All Together!!

Put some wood glue on the end of the dowel you are using as a shaft. Pound it through the hole on the other piece of wood. Come back the next day when it is dry.

Step 5: Finishing(Optional)

This step isn't necessary, it just makes it look nicer. Rub the mallet head and shaft with canola/Olive oil. Come back the next day and it will be nice and shiny!!

Step 6: Use IT!!

Mallets have many uses, such as making other mallets!! I have made a few, which are a lot of fun to make. Thanks for reading!!