Introduction: How to Make a Simple Minecraft House

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Step 1:

First make a 8x7 base like this

Step 2:

Skip a block for windows

Step 3:

Fill in the spaces

Step 4:

You can make your house as talk as you want but I usually have it at about 4 - 6 blocks high it depends

Step 5:

Make a roof

Step 6:

Make a hole like this in the side of the wall

Step 7:

Add something that looks like this on the outside of the hole

Step 8:

Make it 3 blocks high

Step 9:

Put a roof

Step 10:

Put stone on the edges if the inside so the flooring doesn't catch fire. Also place to blocks of netherack into the floor at the end of the attachment

Step 11:

Get flint and steel and place the netherack on fire

Step 12:

Add metal bars for a fireplace that won't catch your house on fire

Step 13:

Put in any flooring

Step 14:

Add fence post on ceiling

Step 15:

Place glowstone on the end

Step 16:

Decorate your house and your done!