How to Make a Site With Wix

Introduction: How to Make a Site With Wix

Wix Is A Free Website Creator And You Can Add Alot Of Things To Your Wix Website

Step 1: Go to

Go To Your Favorite Web Browser Then Go To The Search Bar Then Type ""

Step 2: Sign Up on Wix

When Your On The Wix Website Click On The "Start Now" Button

Fill Out The Form To Sign Up

Step 3: Log In

When Your Done With The Sign Up, You May Have To Login To Create Your Website

Step 4: Create Your Website

Click On The Create Your Website Button To Create Your Website

Step 5: Pick the Templete You Want

When You Click On The Create Website Button You Have To Pick A Templete e.g. Blank Templete

Step 6: Presto!

Now All You Have To Do Is Design The Website And Click "Publish"

Step 7:

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    6 years ago

    Great info! I've never heard of Wix before.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! This Is My First Instructable.