Introduction: How to Make a Slug Trap

I've been experimenting with different ways to make a beer slug trap and I think that I finally figured out how to make a slug trap (that works really well) with things you have laying around the house.

In this video I show you how I make a slug trap using a two liter bottle and an aluminum pie pan.  It's a very simple design that works very well and is quick and easy to make.  An additional benefit is that all you need to by is some aluminum pie pans (see link below), I picked mine up at my local grocery in a pack of 3 for $ 0.99.

Pie Pans -

As always, please leave comments below if you have additional ideas on how to make this more effective and/or please tell me if you know of another easy diy slug trap that works well and is highly effective.  Even better, please leave a video response of your slug trap design or of you making one like this.

Hopefully the thorn in my side this year (slugs) can result in benefiting all of you and your can save your plants before slugs attack. 

More next time.