Introduction: How to Make a Sly Cooper Cane

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Anyone here remember that one game with the raccoon for the PS2, then PS3? I sure do! Those games were called Sly Cooper, which was a game centered around a thieving raccoon and his gang. He always had his signature cane, which I will be showing you guys how to make today! Great for cosplay and regular play alike, this is a fun and relatively simple build. But enough talk, let's make it!

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Step 1: Getting Everything You Need

Okay, now that we're here, it's time to steal- err, get all the materials you need. To make this, you will need:

• 1 inch PVC
• 1/2 inch PVC
• 1 inch PVC coupling
• 1 inch PVC end cap
• 1 inch-1/2 inch PVC fitting
• 1/2 internal diameter foam tubing
• brown spray paint
• yellow spray paint
• yellow electrical tape
• PVC glue and cleaner
• PVC cutter
• heat gun (or other good heat source)
• string

Step 2: Getting Ready for That Signature Bend

As it's well known for, Sly Cooper's cane has a signature bend in the shape of a C/question mark. So to start, I'm using a reference picture of the cane from the most recent game, which you can see in the images. Looking at it shows it has a short straight portion, followed by three bends. Using the string, try to shape it to the bend that looks good. Once you're satisfied, mark the bends with a sharpie, then mark the 1/2 inch PVC with the string marks, and cut it where the string ends, plus an inch for when you glue. Now we're ready to make that bend!

Step 3: Making That Signature Bend

Time to finally bend it! Ready for the secret to bending PVC? It's sand! Tape off one end of the PVC pipe and fill it with sand, then tape off the rest. Now, using the heat gun, heat up a marked area until it goes limp or just barley changes color, then bend the pipe to the angle/shape you want. Hold it in place for a bit, then run it under water to cool it down so it stays in place. Continue the process for all the bends, being careful not to over bend or overheat. When you finish, untape the PVC and empty out the sand.

Step 4: Build It Up

Now that we have the cane just about ready, we just need to beef it up. Grab that foam tubing! Cut it down the middle, there's a line that you can separate it by. Dry fit the 1/2 inch cane piece with the 1/2 inch-1 inch connection piece. Now wrap the foam tube around the cane piece, and cut it where it ends. Now, wrap the foamy sandwich with the yellow electrical tape, making sure to get the bottom part where the "hook" is too.

Step 5: Raising Canes

Time to make the rest of the cane. Cut out enough of the 1 inch PVC so that it feels well balance to the cane top. Dry fit all the pieces together and see if you like the height. Ideally, it should come up to just a bit below the shoulder, maybe 1/4 inch-1 inch, the whole cane.

Step 6: Painty Wainty

Time to paint! Grab all the PVC parts (discluding the foam bit). Paint the PVC couplings, 1/2 inch-1 inch adaptor, and the 1 inch end cap and paint them yellow, making sure to tape off a little bit so it has some bare PVC for glueing. Take the long 1 inch PVC staff bit and paint that brown, doing the same taping method. Let the paint dry. Add another coat if you'd like.

Step 7: Sticking It to the Cooper Cane

Paint's dried? Perfect! Not much to explain on this step. Just grab all the pieces and glue them together using the PVC cement. Just don't forget to clean the pieces first!

Step 8: Finished!

Congratulations! You've finished! Now go on out there and use your new cane to rob master criminals and fight off goons! You've got a big adventure ahead of you...

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