How to Make a Starburst




Introduction: How to Make a Starburst

About: My name is Montserrat and I'll be teaching how to make rainbow loom bracelets :D and prob more stuff ^.^ you never know

Step 1: Supplies

1.Hook 2.Band 3.C or S clip 4.LOOM!!! (of course)

Step 2: Boarder/Placing the Bands

Boarder- So your going to make a V first then make a straight line and move a ^
Placing The Bands- ok your gonna place these bands clock wise so it will look like the star burst lol get it :p anyways put a cap band in the middle of each star :p

Step 3: Hooking

Flip your loom around and the rest look at the pic xD for my fans you know I suck at explain this

Step 4: Expanding

Ok just put your hook at the last peg and then attach a band to it and bring it back up then make a straight line on the loom hook them then clip and your done

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