How to Make a Survival Whip Bow




Introduction: How to Make a Survival Whip Bow

This small and powerful weapon can be constructed within a matter of minutes. With a little bit of practice you can get these arrows to fly away with great force and to exceptionally long distances!
And the best thing about it is you could make this In a survival situation, because all you need is some cordage and a sharp stone or knife!
If you where in a survival situation I would recommend using your shoelace.
Ok let's get started!

Step 1: The Whip Bow

First go and find a strong, straight but flexible sapling that's about as long as the distance between your elbow and your middle finger. Now make a small split in the top, be very careful that the split is not to big or that will ruin the entire piece of wood, the split should be about 1 to 1 and 1/2 inches down.

Step 2: The Whip/bowstring

Put the string through the split, wrap the lower half around the bottom of the split three times, pull the top half around the back of the top of the split, bring the bottom part up diagonally across the loops and put it through the split in the front, now wrap the tail of upper half around and through the split, it should look like the pictures above.
If you find this to complicated you may attach the bowstring to the split any way you like, I just found this to prove the best.

Step 3: The Whip/bowstring Part 2

The bowstring should be two thirds of the bow long, once you find that lengths cut it about two inches longer then that, with the extra cord tie a very large triple knot, make sure I won't come undone.

Step 4: The Handle (optional)

The handle is just to provide a more comfortable grip on your whip, this is not practical in a survival situation,
To make the handle grab any extra cordage you have and make a small slip knot, slide the knot onto the ver end of the stick and wrap it up until your hand fits comfortably onto it.
Now tie a knot at the top and burn it so it stay in place.

This will make pulling back the bow much more comfortable.

Step 5: Making the Arrow/dart

You can just make the arrow out of any old piece of wood, cedar shafts work well, make sure to put a small notch in the middle of arrow, that's what attaches the arrow to the string, click on the image above to see what your bow should look like. Bamboo also works well.
And it doesn't have to be an arrow it could also just be a small piece of wood with a notch in it.

Step 6: How to Shoot

Hold the handle of your whip bow in the same hand that you would hold a bow in. Notch the arrow just before the knot, pull back as far as you can and then let go. Use the end of the handle to aim, this can be very dangerous with a sharp arrow so be careful.

Credits: Daniel carter beard

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    7 years ago

    umfortunatly i use intructables on my ipad so i cant download videos


    Reply 3 years ago

    to download the page you just print them as a pdf and save them


    I acually have the book that tells you how to make make it.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Is it The American boy's handy book?



    thx for the idea

    I just made it, a serious thing. But I made it from PVC pipe, where I imagined I can

    save an arrow or something similar.



    7 years ago

    Yes I have tried it, it's pretty powerful for size, but very hard to aim,


    7 years ago

    Ok! I will take a video and add it to the instructables. It may take a little while though.