How to Make a TissueBox Cover

Introduction: How to Make a TissueBox Cover

Make a tissue box cover out of an empty tissue box, and an upholstery fabric swatch. You need lots of small bulldog clips, sharp scissors, a quik-unpik and spray glue.

Step 1: Spraying the Glue

Carefully cut the seams of the empty tissue box and lay it flat. Cut off the section that was the bottom of the box. Get the fabric and spray the inside all over with the glue. Spray the inside of the box all over with the glue and leave for 5 mins.

Step 2: Assembly

Stick the fabric glue side down onto the flat box so the glue sides stick together. Turn to the fabric side and rub out the creases or bubbles.

Step 3: Make the Tissue Hole

At the window where the tissues come out, snip a tiny hole in the middle with a quik-unpik. Then with small sharp scissors, cut a cross then fold over the edges of the cardboard and hold with a bulldog clip at each edge as per the pic.

Step 4: Put It Together

After 20mins the glue has dried so you can pinch the creases and spray the flaps with glue where they contact each other. Then cut out two squares of what was the bottom of the box, glue fabric on and wrap over each edge to make it neat. Then mark out on each end of the box with the square, where it touches to flaps and spray that area of the flap and clasp the top with a bulldog clip. Press all the areas that are gluing, and leave to dry. Keep checking and pressing the glued areas. Finally, glue the areas of fabric that will fold over all the edges, then fold to make it neat and clasp with bulldog clips.

Step 5: Finish

After letting the glue dry, take off all the bulldog clips and check the joins. Use fabric glue to glue lace around the tissue hole, press down and clip until dry.Finished!

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