Introduction: How to Make a Wall Hanging Audio/iPod Platform From an Old Skateboard

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Hey guys,
So I wanted to make something cool with an old skate of mine (The skate in question was a Toy Machine 7.9 width) and I also had a pair of speakers just laying around so I decided to make this thing and I'm gonna show you how to make it!


Step 1: Find Your Board!

Find an old board that you have and take it's grip off. If you've already taken the grip off beforehand you can go on to step number 2.
(Sorry I forgot to take a picture beforehand)

Step 2: Measurement

Yeah I know this is pretty boring but this is a necesity... So first lets put the holes you want to drill on paper to be sure it doesnt matter if the holes are a bit bigger than needed but the spacing must be correct. It its crucial. Then etch the holes onto the board.

Step 3: Drilling

Finaly! Time to take out the old drill from the tool box and start drilln' some holes!
Use something to hold your board stable while you drill the holes.
When you're done always make sure that everything fits correctly.
Everything looks fine so let's go to the next step.

Step 4: Building the Holding Thingy for the Board

For this step you wil need: BAMBOO!
I cut 80cm long sticks (x2) with the skill saw (as you can see in the pictures)
Then cut grooves that were about th boards thicknees and roughly the same shape.
Thanks to the skill saw this went super fast.

Step 5: Sanding (sorry :/ )

As my cuts were not precise (:/) I had to sand the bamboo but at the end everything fit snuggly so I'm happy with the result.

Step 6: Assembling Everything With Hot Glue! (Or Any Type of Glue That Holds)

Next I put everything together and fixed it all with the help of my hot glue gun.I also put a lot of hot glue inside the bamboo (to strengthen it I guess. Tell me if it deosnt help at all) and on the outside of the board.
And now your assembely should look like in the pics.

Step 7: Putting All the Mumbo Jumbo to Finish This Build

Next...yes you guessed it! Its time to put the cables in place forever (with hot glue as you might have guessed)
IMPORTANT! Before glueing verefy that they are in the right place and that your iPod/iPhone/iPad/iPadmini/iPod shuffle.... Can fit smoothly into the jacks. Then hot glue it all!

Step 8: Now...the Universal Binder to Finish This Hellish Build

For the preveous step I used the Universal binder (a.k.a. Duct tape; a.k.a. Duck tape) to hold the jacks in place because I had to be able to remove them to be able to transport the whole thing (it's a long story), but you get the idea of this step: just duck tape the cables in place (hope you do a better and cleaner job than me) and Voila. You are done. Your project is finished. To atatch it to a wall you can put a screw in the top of each bamboo stick and screw the whole to the wall.
OR you can add support to th two bamboo sticks by gluing 2 sticks between them (one at the top and one at the bottom) and passing a chan at the very top to attach it... Anyways this is your time to innovate this project is now yours to build, and improve.

If you have any questions please ask them I will be happy to help you.
If you have built this audio sation or have improved it please tell me and send me pictures/videos.

Hope you guys enjoyed and I'll be seeing you in my next instructable.

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