Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Pen

This instructable will show a step by step process in how to make a custom wooden pen.  There are specific tools you will need to complete this project. 
You will need:
-Pen set
-Wood Block
-Lathe with a 7mm mandrel
-7mm drill bit
-Lathe Chisels
-Finishing Wax
-Super Glue
-Sand Paper
-Hut wax
-Old cloth rag
Making this pen took me about an hour to complete. The longest part is waiting for the super glue to dry.

Step 1:

To begin, you will need to get a pen set and a wood block.  These can be purchased online, or I found this at a store called Woodcraft.  There are various styles of pens that can be made and many different types of wood.  For this instructable i am going to use a wood called Zebra Wood and the style of pen is 7 mm Slimline Pen with color Platnum.

Step 2:

You will need to cut the wood block in half.  I used a band saw to cut the piece in half. 
Next you will need to find the center of the wood block so you can drill a hole. 
Draw a line from corner to corner and form an X at the end of the block. 
To ensure you get a straight hole in your wood block, use a clamp to hold the wood in place as you drill through the center of the X. 
Use a 7mm drill bit and drill all the way through the piece of wood.

Step 3:

After your holes are drilled, you will need to super glue the brass casing found in the pen set into the hole you just drilled.
Coat the brass casing with a good amount of super glue.  You do not want the wood to separate from the casing when you are turning it on the lathe.
Once you have a good amount of glue on the brass casing, place it in the hole.
Turn the block over and press it against something eflat so the casing fits flush with the end of the wood block.
Let dry for an hour before moving on.

Step 4:

The brass casing is shorter than the wood blocks you put them in.  You will need to get cut the excess wood with a saw to get down to the brass casing.  This drill bit will shave the excess wood off until you reach the brass casing.
Once this is complete you are ready to put the wood on the mandrel and start turning it on the lathe.

Step 5:

Place the wood block on the mandrel and set it in the lathe. 
Start the lathe and place it on the lowest speed to shave off the corners of the blocks.
Using a chisel, slowly start to shave off small pieces of wood. 
Eventually you will round down the corners and it will become easier and faster to shave more off.
Once you have the wood shaved down almost even with the metal, stop using the chisel.
Get some 80 grit sand paper and sand the wood until it is even with the metal.  This will even out any groves made by the chisel and will mke your pens equal width.  You can use 220 grit sand paper to smooth out any marks left by the 80 grit sand paper.

Step 6:

Once your piece has been sanded you are ready to put a finish on the wood. Using Hut wax, place it on the wood while it is turning. This wax will buff out small scratches left by the sand paper.  Once the wax is on use an old rag and put some pressure on the pen.  This will heat the wax and fill in all the small scratches and give your wood a great shine.

Step 7:

After you have waxed your wood, remove it from the lathe and assemble your pen using the materials found in the kit.  Enjoy your new custom wood pen!