Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Spoon From an Old, Broken or Unwanted Wood Cutting Board

I tried to make this wooden spoon out of a old broken bamboo cutting board that I had laying around and it turned out okay, but I will make the handle straighter next time. PLEASE VOTE IN WORKSHOP CONTEST

Step 1: Tools

Tools I used are:
- Scroll saw, (almost any saw would work)

- A Rotary tool with fairly aggressive round wood bit (such as in the pic.), and the other bit in the other pic (it is in motion) . and a sanding bit ( a chisel, and sand paper would also work)

- pen/pencil/sharpie

- pocket knife (optional)

- sand paper

Step 2: Material(s)

You only need a few materials for this project:

- a old bamboo cutting board, or some kind of wood,

- some olive oil, if you want to rub oil into it.

Step 3: Outlining the Spoon

first, you want to outline the basic shape of the spoon. If you want to use it for cooking, I recommend that you make the handle at least a foot long. Another spoon would work well as a stencil, but you would want to extend the handle a bit more.

Step 4: Cut Out the Shape of the Spoon

Cut out the spoon, try to stay on the line, but if you don't , it isn't a big deal, you will trim it to the proper shape in the next step.

Step 5: Trim the The Spoon So It Looks Even

Here is where you correct any mistakes you make in the previous step, and the result should look more like what you want using the saw.

Step 6: Mark the Shape of the Indent of the Front of the Spoon

take the spoon and, with pencil mark the shape of the indent about 1/2 cm from the edge of the spoon. Outline with sharpie if you want to.

Step 7: Time to Make the Front of Spoon Round

okay, now we make the spoon have an indent so you can scoop stuff. Clamp the spoon to a steady surface. So you can use both hands when caving with the rotary tool. Take the round wood bit and carve away the inside of the spoon until you have a depth of about 1/2 cm. Make it have a gradual rise until it is flush with the handle. Sand it until it is a bit smoother with the sanding bit. (We will make it smoother with sand paper later if you want)

Step 8: Round the Back of the Spoon

first, round one side until it looks like the 3rd picture from the top, and then round the other one the same way. when you have done this, round the front and then make the back round to the touch with the same bit. Now you can sand the back smooth.

Step 9: Sand the Spoon Smooth

now you will want to sand the handle down to a smooth cornered square, or make it round with the chisel, and smoothen out the rest of the spoon with sand paper. You may also want to rub in oil here.

Step 10: FINISH!!!

you are now finished.

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