Introduction: How to Make a 'tobacco' Pipe

Step 1: What You'll Need

-Wooden Dowel 1" thick (use a hardwood and a nice one so it'll look great stained) (Pictured) -Carving knife/Jackknife (Pictured) -Wood Stain -Polyurethane -Sanding Supplies -Drill with bits

Step 2: Dowel Prep

Use a 3/16 to 7/32 drill bit to drill a hole at the end of your dowel. Make sure to center the hole and go as deep into the wood as possible. Then measure how long the bit is so you know where to place your 'bowl' in your pipe. After locating the place where the first hole ends, use a 1/2 drill bit to drill just above the hole and go 3/4 through the dowel.

Step 3: Carv

To make you shape, cut the end (mouthpiece) down so it's rounded into more of an oval shape. This is also where you can customize you pipe and carve in shapes or designs to make it yours

Step 4: Sand

Sand the pipe down to a smooth even shape. Get rid of any edges made by carving. Use a rolled up piece to sand out the bowl and the pipeline

Step 5: Stain

Wipe your stain all over your pipe and allow it to dry for however long the stain can says so. Then apply the polyurethane the same way

Step 6: DONE