Introduction: Make a GIF in 10 Easy Steps!

This instructable is specifically for tumblr sized gifs, but can ultimately be used anywhere. 

Step 1: Finding a Video Clip

First, before anything, you'll need a short video or clip. This video can be from your own personal collection, or from a social media site like (a quick web search can help you find a simple downloading tool)

Step 2: Windows Live Movie Maker

Go to your task menu to find and open the Windows Live Movie Maker program. Once you've got it open, click on the tab in the toolbar that says, add video and photo. Find the file you want to use and double click to open.

Step 3: Open Edit Toolbar

Once you've opened your video, you'll need to edit a small section (10-30ish secs.) of the video to create your GIF. Click on the edit tab in the toolbar.

Step 4: Editing Video

There are a few option when trimming/editing video. The easiest way is to adjust the length of your film using the move able scroll bar at the bottom of the video. To get a more precise down to the second type of trim, you use the start point and end point scrollsto adjust your video. GIFs typically work best if they are around 10-30+ seconds.

Okay, once you've found your perfect clip, click the save trim tab next to the start point/end point scroll.

P.s. Don't be worried if your ratios are off and you see black bars on the side. I'll show you how to fix that along the way. However, if you do not see the black bars in your edit, then you won't need to change the ratio later on. (unless you want to.)

Step 5: Editing Cont.

Okay, so you've just saved your desired video clip and you realize your video is either too fast or too slow. You can adjust the speed. The recommended speeds are 1x and 2x (It's not often I use anything lower or higher) Change your speed now to your desired speed, if you'd like. (This step is completely optional)

Step 6: Editing Cont.

All right, so you don't want those black bars on the sides of your GIF? The easiest way to remove those, well it's a bit of a small process but I'll try my best to guide you through it. The black bars indicate that the ratio of the video is in standard 4:3 and was recorded in a 16:9 ratio aka widescreen. Soooo, what you need to do is change the video clip from standard 4:3 to widescreen 16:9.

***Also, the video still above didn't need to change ratios but I wanted to show you were the ratio setting was. (Sorry if that added some confusion.)

Step 7: Editing Cont. (important!)

Now, you need to save the clip to your computer. Okay, this next step is VERY important.Once it's saved to your computer, you'll need to convert the file you just saved from a .wmm (.wmv) to a .GIF file format. The only website I use to convert my files safely is:

Step 8: Changing to GIF Format.

Once you get to the website, choose the video clip you've created in Window Live Movie Maker. Please double check to make sure you're using the correct convert type. (GIF format) Then scroll down to the size adjustments.

Step 9: Sizing GIF

Okay, you're almost finished! Now, IF you changed your ratio from the standard 4:3 to widescreen 16:9 in Windows Live Movie Maker then this is where you'd enter the size you want your GIF to be.

(I make GIFS for and tumblr has a specific GIF size allowance; learned that the hard way)

So, if your video is in a standard 4:3 ratio you type in 400 in the first box and 300 in the second. If your video is widescreen 16:9 ratio then you type 400 in the first box and 320 in the second. (if you want different ratio sizes, do a quick web search)

Now convert your file, and then it will download or ask you to save. (mine automatically downloads)

Step 10: You're Finished!

....And your GIF is complete! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!