Introduction: How to Make an Assassin's Creed IV Hidden Blade

I am making a Edward Kenway costume and I need hidden blades. So I looked at the ones for sale and there cool but I just don't have the money. So here is a cheaper way to make it will prob cost around 10$. It's gravity feed so nothing special. But for a quick and cool prop it works.

Step 1: Materials

The things you will need is. 1. A drawer slide I got mine from Lowe's. they were below the three tiered ones and they should cost around 5 dollars. The next thing you need is a plastic bin I don't know how much they coast because I had just a plastic bin lid laying around. Next is hot glue a little bit of tape electrical tape works the best, scissors a scrap piece of foam from my last tutorial,and a exacto knife. And a small screw. Last but not least a Dremal and a hack saw. Or instead of a Dremal you can use a engraver.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Drawer Slide

So you have the drawer slide but you have to take it apart here's how. First extend it and you will see that there is a little tab keeping the middle piece from sliding out he back. What you need to do is to bend the tab flat. Than after you have done that and you may need to use a hammer you want to pull all the other stuff out all y want is the main rail. After you have done that there is a nother flap to bend back than mark where you want to cut the main slide. Mine is about 7 inches long.

Step 3: Cutting

After you have marked how long you want it to be than cut it with a Dremal or a hack saw. I used both. Save the other piece you cut off. And make sure to file the end and wipe it down with a rag. Than draw the blade onto the plastic and cut it out. Remember safety glasses. After you have cut the blade out you may need to trim the edges with scissors.

Step 4: Putting the Pieces Together

After you have cut the blade out take a drill or a nail an poke a hole in the back of the blade. Than get a nut and bolt and put it through the hole in the black of the blade. Make sure it is on tight. Than after that make a back piece out of a little piece of plastic and glue it on. You may need to add some tape. Now for the fun part but first you have to cut the bolt that is on the blade to size. What you need to do is to hole the blade in the rail on its side and mark a little above the rail than cut it there I used the Dremal. Be careful because after you cut the screw it will be very hot.

Step 5: Decoration

Now what you have to do it make the cover witch really makes the hidden blade. Make sure to do a point at the front end of the cover. I messed up and made he point go the other way. Than cut it out. As you cut you may notice that there are some plastic burs those can easily be removed with a pair of scissors. After that you will need to make a line almost all the way down the top cover you just made. Than slowly cut it out remember don't cut all the way to the end. After you do that you may need to use the exacto knife to remove the exes. Why you are making this grove is so that the bolt that is on the blade can slide up and down easily. If when you cut it out the bolt doesn't slide smoothly use the exacto knife to make it wider. Than once your happy with the smoothness glue the cover onto the rail. Than trim the sides with the exacto knife. Now you may notice that when you pull out the blade it can wiggle. Here how to fix that. Take scraps of the plastic and cut them to shape and glue them onto the rail and cover and sides keep doing that till you are happy with the result. Next is the top cover that has the skull. How I made that is on the bin lid there is the outside ridge. I just cut part of that and trimmed it down
To size than marked the designs and glued it on.

Step 6: Decoration Part 2

After you have glued it on now we have to make the designs that go on top of the thing we just made and those things are the assassin logo and the skull and the thing that it sits on. So cut those pieces out o plastic the thing that the skull sits on start by making a cube that fits on the top and so about a inch long. Than cut bot the ends to a point. Than glue it on around the middle of the top top cover. Than you need to make the assassin logo piece an glue it on to the back and mark the logo in sharpie. Knows the time to make the skull. Cut out a cube like shape that fits on the the base piece and draw the skull shape on Than cut it out but at a angle so out looks kinda round. Than get out your Dremal or engraver and carve out the eyes checks nose and the teeth. I also had to thin it down with the exacto knife. After that glue it on.

Step 7: Decoration Part 3

This is the final steps. After you have glued the skull you can paint it and be done. This is a optional step you engrave all the details on the case an blade. Now we can make the fake buckles. Cut a rectangle of plastic and cut out the middle and bend the two flaps and glue it on. Do that four times.

Step 8: Painting and Detail

So welcome to the last step! For this step you will need three different types of paint. Black, silver, and gold or bronze. First paint he whole thing black you don't have to paint the metal. Once that's dry go ahead and paint the silver but only on certain parts. After you have done that now you new to do the gold/bronze and I used a flat pencil to do this. Because I didn't have a brush that small. After all that has dried you are done!!!!

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