Introduction: How to Make an Extremely Simple Workbench

I needed to upgrade my garage, from a little old 1 by 1 foot table for some old stereo, that I used for soldering, until I got interested in metal working

Step 1: When You Decide to Build a Workbench

Make sure you have (a)
•circular saw
•drill & drill bits

Step 2: Then You Start Planning

I started my plans on a scrap piece of paper, then made actual measurements and remade my plans on printer paper...

Step 3: Buy Some Wood

I went to Home Depot for my wood. I measured all the wood and calculated how many 2x4's that I would need, but I lost that paper, so I can't show it... And I also bought a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood for a nice surface. And I used a bunch of scrap wood in my garage.

Step 4: Build the Frame

Don't over complicate things, just screw the 2x4's in a table like formation, and put lots of screws to make it very sturdy

Step 5: Screw on the Plywood

Step 6: Cut the Plywood

Step 7: If You Made Shelves

Like I did, you should take a piece of scrap osb, and put it on where the shelf is, and put a couple of screws to keep it in place.