How to Make an Old Fashioned Photo Effect (Photoshop CS4)

Introduction: How to Make an Old Fashioned Photo Effect (Photoshop CS4)

 Hi, I'm going to show you how to make your photos look old fashioned in just a few steps.

Step 1: Adding Sepia Tone 1

 What you want to do, is go to layer adjustments> Hue/Saturation. 

Step 2: Adding Sepia Tone 2

 Tick the colurise box and drag the Hue to 15, Saturation to around 14 and lightness to +2. 
This should give your image colour a nice smooth sepia tone.

Step 3: Adding Noise

 Click on your original layer and go to Filter> Noise> Add Noise and set the noise to around 4.80% Gaussian Just play around with that a little bit until you find a nice amount of noise to suit your picture and press OK

Step 4: Adding Scratches

 Now we're going to add a new layer and fill it in black. Don't worry. You haven;t ruined the image. Now while on that layer, go to Filter> Texture> Grain and add a 52 intense and 50 contrast veritcal grain effect and press OK

Step 5: Making the Photo Viewable

 Change the black layer to a screen layer.

Step 6: You're Done!

 Congratulations! You're finished. Remember, If you ever think that there is too much Noise/ Grain, you can always go back and change it, as long as you saved it as a PSD + Image. So if I were you, I'd save it as a PSD.

Please give any feedback and I hope you enjoyed :)

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, Im just getting started.Question, does the original photo have to be b/w (greyscale) or is rgb or cmyk okay to start with? Thank you. ~Megan


    Answer 3 years ago

    answered my own question, lol


    5 years ago

    If you click on Hue/Saturation and then change settings and then colourize it is different than if you colourize it first and then change settings. Which is it


    5 years ago

    I usually don't comment but this tutorial was extremely helpful, thank you.