How to Make Anti-Valentine's Day Boxers Out of Old Pillowcases



Introduction: How to Make Anti-Valentine's Day Boxers Out of Old Pillowcases

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Yup, that's right.... We're showing you how to make some pretty awesome Anti-Valentine's Day boxers out of some old pillowcases. Dont worry, if you love valentine's day, you can make them pro-V-day as well! And don't forget to subscribe to our show on iTunes and check our website for more cool crafts!

Watch the in depth video tutorial below:

Step 1: Making the Pattern

1. First you'll need to make a pattern for your boxers. Check our blog for instructions. Once you've made your pattern, pin them on a pillowcase and cut them out making sure to cut through both sides of the pillowcase so you have 4 pieces total.

Step 2: Creating the Front and Back Pieces

2. Now lay your identical pieces back on top of one another, pin and sew together the front and back pieces to create the front and back pieces of your boxers.

Step 3: Sewing Together the Sides

3. Now put your two pieces right sides on top of one another and sew your sides together.

Step 4: Attach the Crotch

4. Next, attach the crotch making sure to fold down the seam line when you're sewing.

Step 5: Leghole Seam

5. Then turn your boxers right side out and add a seam to the leg-hole.

Step 6: Front Flap

6. Now for the front flap, you're going to fold it over evenly and sew down both sides. Then take the flap from the other side and add a simple hem down its side.

Step 7: Connecting the Front Flap

7. One done, tuck it under and connect both pieces on the bottom and the top.

Step 8: Creating the Casing

8. Next, you'll want to create a casing for your elastic. Do this by using the elastic as a guide around the waist of your shorts. Make sure you line up your front flaps evenly and sew together.

Step 9: Feed the Elastic Through the Casing

9. Now feed your elastic through the front of the boxers by using a bobby pin or safety pin. Sew the ends of your elastic together and tuck it into the casing.

Step 10: You're Done!

10. Last, you'll sew closed your casing, add your Anti-valentine's day stencil and you're ready to rock! (Check our Extras page for more anti-valentine's day and other stencils)

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