Introduction: How to Make Apple EarPods Comfy

Earbuds have a great sound quality but if you had ears like mine they hurt like hell! So with that said here's what I did to make them really comfortable and reduced outside sound!! ____________________________________ DISCLAIMER WARNING...... Heat cutting tool is very hot and And I hold no responsibility for burns of any sort or damaged property ear infections and/or hearing loss if you follow these Instructable. If you're not confident in yourself to do these Instructable then do not follow these Instructable! Also wash hand before preparing earplugs Furthermore earplugs can get dirty so having extras is not a bad idea

Step 1: Material You Will Need

1. Foam Earplugs 2. Heat cutting tool (With pointed shank) 3. EarPods

Step 2: Earplugs and Hot Tool

Take hot tool burn hole in the center of earplug with heat cutting tool. Woller out middle of your plugs with heat cutting tool, so that that the earplugs will fit around the EarPods Mark and cut holes in side of earplugs with heat cutting tool

Step 3: Put It All Together

Fit wollered out earplugs on EarPods and there you have it enjoy!!

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