Introduction: How to Make Arduino Bill Board

Step 1: Parts

TFT Touch Shield v2.0 from Seeedstudio
Arduino Board USB Cable
Micro SD Card
Micro SD Card Adapter Chip
USB SD Card Adapter

Step 2: Step 1

Download the Arduino application on the computer

Step 3: Step 2

2. Download the ZIP file for the TFT_Touch_Shield_V2 library from the Seeedstudio Wiki online
The link for the library is:

Step 4: Step 3

Load up the BMP images that have the right specifics on the micro SD card using the adapters, the specifics are width: 240 and height: 320, bit depth: 24, and the name of the image should be short; it might be necessary to put it in Photoshop to get the image to the right specifics

Step 5: Step 4

Connect the Touch Shield to the Arduino Board

Step 6: Step 5

Insert the micro SD chip in the Touch Shield

Step 7: Step 6

Connect the Arduino board with the Touch Shield on it to the computer using the USB cables

Step 8: Step 7

Start up the Arduino coding program and go to File, Examples, Tft Touch Shield V2 Master, then tftbmp

Step 9: Step 8

Modify the example code by taking out the example names and putting in the names of your files; depending on the number of files on the SD card change the number of files on the code to match it; check the code and download it