How to Make Bacon Pancakes

Introduction: How to Make Bacon Pancakes

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Yes, yes. Your probably thinking of that one adventure time episode where Jake decides to "Put some bacon in a pancake" And that's pretty much it. But I spent the time to give you a good ol' recipe for my friends on instrucables! In this instructable I will show you two different ways to prepare this dish. Also known as Froize.

Step 1: Ingredients!

First of all you want your bacon cooked before hand, unless you are the kind of psycho that likes salmonella poisoning! Youll probably need about 6 strips of freshly cooked bacon. You want the bacon still warm to blend its flavor into the dish. Now that you have your bacon cooked you can fetch you pancake batter, you can make your own or if you want you can pay Aunt Jemima a visit. Also you need about 6 servings. Last of all you can use butter or the bacon grease. Depends on your preferences but I enjoy the bacon grease as it adds an extra taste to the dish.    

Step 2: Version 1

In this version of the Froize you place your bacon grease or butter on the skillet and lay a line of batter down on your skillet and place a strip of bacon over top. Keep in mind you have to watch for the edges of the batter to begin to brown, then you place another line of batter on top of the bacon strip as shown in the picture below. From then on its straight forward and you cook the bacon pancake until well done. And enjoy.

Step 3: Version 2

In this recipe instead of place the batter on top of the bacon you cut the bacon into small pieces and throw it into the batter. Extremely easy recipe but you can change it as you want. If you succeed they should look like the picture below.

Step 4: Conclusion

Ok now that you have your bacon pancakes all you need is your syrup and a couple of friends! also i suggest watching this video before you do XD
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