Introduction: How to Make Barbeque

Well, it's not exactly a barbeque but it is a way to cook while you are camping. Some of you may already know this.

Step 1: Materials

This is basicly what you'll need:

- a lighter or matchs (i prefer matches but it's your choice)
-fire pit

this is what you need to use to cook:

- a grill

Step 2: Setting Up the Fire/Barbeque

1. Well, you've got to rip the paper and make it into round balls and put it in the balls of paper in the fire pit

2. You should start with small pieces of wood because the catch on fire easily. You put the wood on/around the paper.

3. Then you put the bigger pieces of wood around/on the smaller pieces of wood.

4. Then finally you finally put the grill over the wood.

Step 3: Starting the Fire

This is the easy part but you could burn yourself. Light the matches or lighter and burn the paper. The paper should get the fire started because it should get the smaller pieces of wood on fire.

Step 4: Cooking

Put your meat or whatever you need/want to cook on the grill. You are done! You made the fire and started cooking your meal.