Introduction: How to Make Batch Files Using Notepad

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Step 1: Step 1: If You Wanna Create a Batch File You Need to Know the Commands


@echo off -- {this needs to be put at the top because it is the file startup}

echo -- {This Sends a message to the user}

start -- {goes where its destination like start c:/ it will go to c:/}

@echo on --- {It Will Exit The Program}

echo %USER% {Displays the value of USER on the screen.}

echo. {Displays a single blank line on the screen.}

echo Y|Del *.* {Answers the DEL "Are you sure" question automatically.}

set USER=John {Sets the value of USER to the string, "John".}

set USER= {Removes USER from the environment.}

Step 2: Step 2: Open Notepad and Follow Me

Second Put the startup command @echo off

@echo off

echo This Is An Example

set USER=Tolentino6

echo %USER& Is The Maker of this Code


@echo on


This Is Just An Example for the batch file coding

Step 3: Step 3:Done!

You are done you can now make an batch file using notepad

Thanks :)

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