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A simple and a beautiful way to spend some time with your kids and help them contribute to a home improvement project. The photo frame looks lovely as a mantel piece or even a gift.

Materials Required:

  • Card Paper or mount board, colour of your choice
  • Scale / Ruler
  • Paper Cutter
  • Eraser
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Hand made paper / fancy paper
  • Quilled Flowers (Watch video posted below)
  • Quilled Leaves (Watch video posted below)
  • And lots of enthusiasm!

Step 1: Cutting the Front & Back Card Pieces

Mark 7 inches width and 6 inches height on the card paper, using a pencil and scale / ruler.

Cut the paper with the help of a paper cutter, it is best to ask your kids to mark the sizes and you to cut it. You will need 2 such card pieces, for the back and the front of the photo frame.

As we are making a photo frame enough for the size of a 4 inches x 3 inches photo, we will need to cut a window on one of the card papers. Now to be extremely precise, you will need to make sure, your window is right in the centre of the card paper.

Make a spot using the scale / ruler from all four sides to create the points of a 4 inches x 3 inches rectangle for your window. Use the paper cutter and the scale / ruler to help you guide a perfect cut for the required rectangle.

Step 2: Covering the Card Pieces With Fancy Paper

Once, the front card paper with the window and the back cover is ready, we need to cover it with some fancy paper or handmade paper of your choice. To cover the back of the photo frame, use the glue generously to stick the fancy paper on the card piece. Now to ensure the card is completely covered, make sure your fancy paper is bigger than your card piece. Use the method of gift wrapping like an envelope to cover the piece.

For the front of the card piece, use the a light colored fancy paper. Place the front of the photo frame on the fancy paper and cut it one inch bigger than our photo frame. mark a square smaller than our window on the photo frame and cut the paper. Make slits on all four corners and the insides of the fancy paper, so that it an be folded and stuck on to the frame. Apply glue generously and you now have both the front and the back of the photo frame ready.

Step 3: Put the Front and the Back of the Photo Frame Together

Stick the 2 of our now ready photo frame front and back pieces together. Remember to stick only 3 sides and leave one side open, so that you can slide in the photo of your choice.

Step 4: Decorating Your Photo Frame

Quilled flowers and leaves make for colourful decoration.

These can be used to decorate anything, right from paper bags, gift envelopes, boxes and of course photo frames.

Use an assortment of quilled flowers and leaves and create a few clusters to decorate your photo frame. Now, what I have done is used the corners of my photo frame to accentuate the look, but you can completely cover up the sides of the frame as per your liking.

For making the stand at the back, use a small card paper or mount board, stick it on a bigger paper and fold it as I've shown on the video. It depends on whether you want your frame to be vertical or horizontal. Accordingly, you'll have to glue the stand to the frame.

Hope you enjoy quilling and creating craft with your family and friends. Happy Quilling!

Thank you.

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