How to Make Cake Pops Step-By-Step




Introduction: How to Make Cake Pops Step-By-Step

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This basic cake pop recipe is simple and easy to follow, perfect for beginners.

Step 1: Cake Pop Supplies

Ingredients and supplies for making cake pops:

- A box cake mix and ingredients to make the cake

- A can of frosting

- Candy melts

- Lollipop sticks

- Cake pop stand

Step 2: How to Make Cake Balls

Start by making cake balls that you will apply to sticks later to turn them into pops. Follow the directions for making your box cake mix, making one alteration. Use half the amount of vegetable oil.

Step 3:

Let you cake cool completely and then crumble it into fine crumbs with your hands. You may want to cut off any hard edges of your cake first.

Add a small amount of frosting to your crumbs and mix with your hands. Continue adding frosting until the mixture becomes the consistency of Play-Doh.

Step 4:

Take a small amount of mixture and roll the mixture in your hands to create cake balls.

Step 5: How to Turn Your Cake Balls Into Cake Pops

Melt your candy melts in the microwave.

Dip a lollipop stick into the melted coating and then into a cake ball. Set the cake pop in your cake pop stand until the chocolate hardens.

Step 6:

Dip each cake pop into the melted coating until it is completely covered. Tap any extra coating off of the cake pop gently.

Set your cake pops aside to let the coating harden or while the coating is still wet decorate your cake pops with sprinkles.

Step 7:

That's where this cake pop tutorial ends and another begins...

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The instructable was very helpful, the fact that I live in Italy and many of your sweet things are not available, like candy melts, will make everything a bit difficult, but I'm going to try and make some cake pops with what I can find in the shops. :)


    Reply 7 years ago

    Try Velata Melt able for ur cake pops see to order or join for ur own product stocks


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ana, are you able to order from Amazon? That have everything you need. I have links to a lot of the supplies on my blog,


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I can get things on amazon and I've been doing that, but you know what it feels like when you want to bake something and you haven't got the ingredients, you'd want to go to the shops, buy our stuff and run back home to get started, with online shopping you have to wait and by the time you got your stuff the inspiration might have gone. :D
    I'll check your blog anyway, thank you! :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I hear ya. Sometimes you just want to bake something on a whim and not plan ahead. You could just get white candy melts and candy coloring that way you can have those on hand to dye the candy melts the color you need.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great tip!
    When I can't find an ingredient I usually research and see if I can make it myself. I did so with cajun spices mix and other mixes, with lemon curd an many other things you won't find in Italy. Now it's time of candy melt! :D