How to Make Cleaning Fun




Introduction: How to Make Cleaning Fun

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We all know how boring cleaning is but here's some tips to have fun!

Step 1: Music

Play some music to dance to while cleaning! This will get you motivated to get this done. I think fast happy encouraging music will help the most. Slow sad music may make you bored and back where you were when you started cleaning!

Step 2: Make It a Game

Set up a trash can, a laundry bin, and a toy box. Set a timer for 1 minute to gather your things. 3...2...1... THROW!

Step 3: Score

Keep score
1 trash= 3pts
1 clothes = 1 Pts
1 toy = 2 Pts

Step 4: Work in Progress

Comment so I can add more ways!

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    9 years ago

    Once you get things cleaned up, keep them that way with gum balls. We assigned one job to each color of gum balls we had in a dollar store gum ball machine. Each night after dinner you got a gum ball and did that job. In a week everything got done. Incidentally I now hate green gum, that was clean the bathroo


    9 years ago

    Tidy earlier so it doesn't get out of hand.

    Madame Blue
    Madame Blue

    9 years ago

    My tip is for involving younger children. Assign them a certain category such as, pick up all the blue things. Whether it's a book, toy, or pair of shoes, if it's blue it gets put away. Then assign the next category. A bit ADD, but it helps them stay on task and reinforces knowledge too!