How to Make Cool Crayon Art

Introduction: How to Make Cool Crayon Art

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Make some groovy art for your room or even as a gift. Keep in mind this is my first post :)

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

You will need. A hair dryer, Crayons, Blu tack or tape, Paper or card, And black paint (optional)

Step 2: Pick Your Colours and Place Them Down.

Pick out as many colours as you desire. Once done, blu tack or tape one crayon to the top of your paper or card.

Step 3: The Cool Part.

Hold your card or paper up vertical. Then hair dry the crayon. It'll heat up, melt and start to drip onto the card. When it starts to drip hold your card on a angle.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat with all different colours.

Step 5: Final Step

When it's dry you can either paint over it in black water paint or leave it with a white back ground! Hope you have fun making your own crayon art!

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