Introduction: How to Make Duct Tape Trebuchet Pouch!

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I made this trebuchet for my Science Fair project a few weeks ago. And I’ve been playing around with it for a while and then I saw the Instructables "Duct Tape Challenge". So, I decide to make a duct tape trebuchet pouch.

Originally, I had a canvas pouch for my Science Fair and I used a pattern from a web site. I decided to use the same pattern for my duct tape pouch.

First I had a pattern from when I made a canvas pouch which I got from ( ).

I got my instructions on how I build my trebuchet from.

( ).

By the way thanks, for the info on how to build a trebuchet Sphsengineering. :)

Step 1: Step 1: the Pouch

At first I took 3 pieces of tape about 12" in. length and put two pieces of masking tape on the back of them
to hold them together and then took a sharpie and traced the pattern on the sheet of duct tape.

Then I peeled the sheet off the table and flipped it over to work on the other side.

I then took more masking tape since masking tape won’t stretch, And put it in a crisscross pattern to
strengthen the pouch. Then I put another layer of duct tape over that and
another layer of masking tape and one last layer of duct tape.

I peeled off the masking tape that was holding the first layer together.

Then I cut the pattern out with some scissors. After that I
folded the three edges of the pouch and taped them together.

I tried to cut a hole in the pouch with a pocketknife but
that didn’t work. So I use an old drill press that I had and that worked pretty

The pouch looked pretty boring so I printed an Instructables
robot on some paper and taped the picture on the pouch with some packing tape.

I put some more duct tape on the edges of the pouch to make sure that its strong enough to handle being wiped around every time the trebuchet is fired.

There you go, your duct tape pouch is almost done. All you have to do is put some rope through the pouch.

Step 2: ​​​Some Tips If You Are Haveing Trouble Setting Up Your Pouch.

I took about four feet of rope and tied it to the pouch and put some more tape on the knot.

I took a washer and tied one end of the rope to it and the other end to a bolt on the side of the throwing arm.

Be sure that you remember to put the end of the rope with a washer on the end held on with a nail.

I did a test shot with a water balloon and it shot about 75 feet.

Well that's it, pretty easy, this was my first Instructables project.

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