How to Make Dumbbell

Introduction: How to Make Dumbbell

What is this? this is a dumbbell.
 Why is it important? because to build muscles  of the arms.

Step 1:

 We need to this Materials:
Small stones.
 Two cans.

Step 2:

In this step take cement and gypsum and mixing with some.

Step 3:

Pour the water on the cement and gypsum then mixing together.

Step 4:

Mix the water with cement and gypsum well to become a coherent.

Step 5:

 In this step put the bar in center of the can and add small stones beside the bar.

Step 6:

Then put the mixing in the can.

Step 7:

 Leave the mixture to dry.

Step 8:

  Spraying the bar or dumbbell by the bouet.

Step 9:

  In the last step the dumbbell is ready to use it.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great photos, clear instructions, nice work. Someday there will be a way to edit in languages other than English so you can flex your linguistic muscles along with your photographic and constructive skills.